Ways Social Media is Affecting Public Affairs

Apr 27, 2020 | Insights

It’s no secret that social media has affected the way businesses run their daily public relations and interact with onlookers.


But have you ever really broken down how these changes are truly affecting public affairs? Social media certainly has its pros and cons in a business sense. Let’s take a look at 3 ways social media is having an impact. 


The first, and the most important change social media has brought, is the speed in which public opinion can hit the masses and turn into news. For better or worse, media posts happen instantly and are there for the world to see. It is important for companies to monitor social sites and uncover anything negative being stated so that they can address issues head on and in a timely manner. Negative reviews or stories that go unaddressed for too long not only are hard to overcome, they also speak poorly of the company’s reputation. 


The second thing to consider is on a positive note. Social media has been a springboard for smaller companies to reach the market. These companies may not have the budget for a traditional public affairs campaign and can now target a completely new audience at the push of a button. That being said, the social media content must still be managed correctly and done so by a professional. This is still highly more cost effective for small businesses to outsource than handle internally. 


Lastly, social media is encouraging a new level of interaction between business and consumer. Where phone calls used to be the only way to communicate, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram engage customers more effectively and instantly. Calls to action can be created and a true two-way street of talk is initiated.  


Social media is a strong contender in the realm of public affairs. It allows news to happen instantly and for communication to be effortless. It also allows small business to level the playing field with the competition. However, keep in mind the importance of running your social media channels effectively. To find out more about how social media can impact your business, or to gain assistance in creating a successful campaign, contact the experts at Omni Public and set up your consultation. 

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