How to Dress for TV Interviews

by | May 19, 2020 | Insights

Whether you’re an expert in your field or the spokesperson for a particular cause, you’ll probably find yourself in front of a camera at least once.

The first time you’re invited to do a TV studio interview, it can be very exciting—and nerve-racking. To ensure you look your best, here are some tips.


White: OUT

Even if you may think you look great in a white dress or suit, white is a no-go for television. TV studios are covered with bright, hot lights. The ceiling is frequently a giant light grid. Once all of those lights are aimed at you, your white outfit will quite literally make you glow.


Don’t Wear Busy Patterns

Have you ever seen someone on TV wearing an outfit that appeared to move and undulate on the screen? They were probably wearing pinstripes, small checks or another intricate design. Don’t wear small or overly intricate patterns on TV. That goes for ties, too. Go with either no patterns or large patterns.


No Shiny Materials

With all of the lights in the studio, you need to avoid anything remotely metallic. Metal jewelry will catch the studio lights and shine into the camera, blinding the camera guy and the home audience.


The final and most important piece of advice:

Relax! You’ll do fine. Just follow these helpful tips and you’ll look as good as you sound.

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