Tips/Hacks for Connecting with Journalists Online

by | Dec 16, 2020 | Insights

Journalists can be a tricky group of people to interact with and can be either your best friends or worst nightmares.

They hold the power when it comes to the news, the stories that will be written and the spin with which a story is told. Needless to say, it can be helpful to have a journalist or two on your side – so how can you easily connect with them on an online platform?

One of the best ways to connect with journalists online is to do so via social media. You should be able to easily find a journalist or media personality on Twitter that is relevant to your location. When you have targeted your person of interest, begin to interact with them through their online content. It is important to only comment or post useful and insightful content – something that piques their interest and can open up conversation. Tip: Don’t send these folks direct messages. They don’t have time to read them and might even find it a little off-putting. 

Once you have followed and there has been two-sided interaction with a journalist online through social media, don’t simply asked for a news story and make it all about you. If you truly have a newsworthy story or industry changing product offering, present it to them in a way that makes them feel important. Offer it as them getting the exclusive interview. Tip: By making something exclusive you heighten the appeal and attract more attention. 

There are many methods and tactics you can use to better connect with journalists in an online setting. If you have a story that needs to be told and need the assistance of a professional, contact Omni Public today to find out more. 

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